How It Works


First, we get to know your lawn

your lawn condition
  • The Condition of Your Lawn

    We consider the thickness and color of your grass, the amount of weeds in your yard, and more.

  • Where You Live

    Your location plays a big part in your lawn care needs. We'll pinpoint the right products for your area.

  • The Size of Your Lawn

    Size matters, and we'll make sure to send you the right amount of product for your lawn.

Next, we create your personalized lawn care plan

Tell us about your lawn

Deliveries when you need them.

Your plan keeps up with the changing needs of your lawn, making sure you receive the right products at the right time throughout the year.

Personalized plan

Products that work better together

The products you receive are designed to work together and enhance each other, bringing top-notch care to your lawn.

Products arrive

Easy to use and backed by experience.

We've been helping people build beautiful lawns for over 150 years. We'll help you grow a yard that will be the talk of the block!

Finally, we deliver what you need when you need it

Seasons animation

We send, you apply—that's it

When your lawn needs something, you'll receive a shipment. When you get it, simply apply the product(s) to your lawn. Seriously, it's as simple as that.

Get Started

A lawn care plan that works for you.

Flexible Payments

You can either choose a seasonal subscription (pay per shipment) or save 10% by signing up for an annual subscription (one-time payment).

Subscription Options
Product Delivery

Just-in-time delivery

We send your product when you need it. Which means all you need to do is wait for something to arrive and apply it when it does.

Bonus: My Lawn companion app

We make it easy to manage your plan with our My Lawn app.

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